Cinnamon Hill Folk Art
Who Are We?

Short Bio for Andy and Tom:

Andy LaTorre is a retired university engineering professor who now has time to live his passion for making folk art. He’s fascinated by the marriage of technology and art and has delighted gallery and festival goers in the south with his works. Among Andy’s earlier creations are a fairground organ and a midi operated glockenspiel. Tom Tyre is intrigued with the creative process and sees creative ideas as proof that creativity is inspired by something much bigger than the artist. He has won awards for printmaking and is a published author. Tom has collaborated with Andy for the past five years making out-of-the-ordinary art - usually with lights, bells, and/or whistles. Collectively, they are known as Cinnamon Hill. The Cinnamon Hill Boys recently had a showing of their work entitled, ”Doorbells and Nightlights”, at the Riverview Gallery in St. Augustine, Florida. The duo also collaborates on playing and writing music and between the two of them, play piano, guitar, melodeon, fiddle, banjo and accordion. They are members in (debatable) good standing of the music group, Deep Woods Frolic.

Cinnamon Hill in person. Andy (left), Tom (right). That blue smudge on Andy's nose is part of the Morris Band makeup. Most members blue their entire faces but Andy could not deal with that. Tom decided not to use any blue at all.

Playing in the Brasstown Folk School Morris Band. Andy on Accordion and Tom on fiddle.

Here's Tom leading the violin section of the Morris Dance Band.

Photos on this page by Linda Mathias