Text Box: “Well there are indeed physiological benefits: you use your lungs in a way that you probably don’t for the rest of your day. You breathe deeply and openly. And, there are psychological benefits: singing aloud leaves you with a sense of levity and contentedness. And, then there are what I would call civilisational benefits. When you sing with a group of people you learn how to subsume yourself into a group consciousness because a cappella singing is all about the immersion of the self into the community.  That’s one of the great feelings: to stop being ‘me’  for a while and to become ‘us’. That way lies empathy; the great virtue.”
Brian Eno, Music Producer      London, England

After directing an a cappella choir for six years, Tom also started leading Song Gatherings to offer opportunities for people to sing who don’t ordinarily get to do so.  Some  may get to sing if they are part of a religious community;  and there are community choirs for those who can make the weekly commitment to rehearsals.  Song Gatherings aren’t rehearsals for concerts or special events, they are simply occasions to sing in harmony. They are  for loosening the bindings of everyday life and for surrendering to the divine creative process of singing. Experience is not necessary. There are no auditions.   All are welcome.

Tom Tyre, Musicianary

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