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Star of Bethlehem

A Programmed Animated Christmas Light Display

(Version V2 Final Software Release Aug.2015)

Almost 2 minutes of display time before repeating.

Uses: Home Christmas Display Installations, Church Christmas Display, etc.

The Cinnamon Hill Art Star of Bethlehem.

Dimensions: Height 60-1/2", Width 40"

The Star of Bethlehem comes unassembled and unfinished. You do the work.

You save $$.

No soldering skills necessary. The only tools needed are the following:

Phillips Screwdrivers, Flat Blade Screwdriver, Tape Measure, and a Square.

You will also need a paint brush or roller and paint or stain and polyurethane.

The Star of Bethlehem mounted on my deck

This is my prototype which I painted white.

Your kit contains the wood arms which are unfinished.

At 60-1/2" high the Star can be seen from very far distances

Do you want more information?

PDF of the Star of Bethlehem Kit Assembly Manual (1.63Mb)
Price $550, shipping included.

Limited production. Email for availability:

See a YouTube video of the Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem Kit Manual

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