Cinnamon Hill Folk Art
Schoolhouse Automaton

(au-'tom-a-ton: a machine designed to follow automatically a predetermined sequence of operations.)

Built in honor of June Kiley (Andy's sister) and her years teaching elementary school in Darrien, CT.

Turning the crank of this unique automaton (ah tom' a ton) performs several interesting scenarios.

First Mrs. Kiley, the schoolmarm, uses her pointer stick to point up and down as she turns to the class and then to the chaulk board.

As she does this, a rebellious student in the front seat takes back the apple he gave her earlier in the day. As he clandestinely staches it into his book bag, he scratches his head. It seems that he is upset that she reprimanded him for some infraction of the rules. (This is a reinactment of an actual event by Andy's brother)

In the second seat you can see a young lady in pain as her long hair is being pulled by the boy behind her. Her left arm sweeps up to protect herself.

The boy in the back raises his right hand and stands up in panic because he has to go to the bathroom very badly.

While all this is happening, the tower bell peals and the various sounds are heard to add to the confusion.

Size: 30" high x 32" wide x 14" deep.

Materials used for this project:Poplar, basswood, oak, felt, brass, acrylic, and sound modules from old discarded toys.

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