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Ringers (actuators)

Ringers are remote controlled doorbell "pushbuttons" (actuators).

No wires are necessary.

>Alpine Bell Ringer Donny Doorbell Ringer Organ Stop Bell Ringer
India Pull Cord Bell Ringer Blue Bell Ringer Woodpecker Bell Ringer


All ringers (actuators) for the doorbells contain a proprietary transmitter circuit which sends a radio-frequency signal to the doorbell receiver. This circuit runs on a 9 volt battery which should last over two years and is easily replaced.

All doorbells contain a proprietary receiver which detects the radio-frequency signal sent out by the actuator. This receiver then switches on the doorbell circuit.

Therefore, there are no wires to and from the actuators and doorbells. Doorbells are powered by a "wall wart" plugged into a home outlet. The bells work an low voltage and are completely safe.


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