Cinnamon Hill Folk Art
Twelve-note Pipe Organ Doorbell

Upon actuation by one of the radio-controlled ringers, the bellows pump in and out, the cylinder turns and the diapason pipes play a tune that is programmed on the cylinder.
At the end of the tune the unit switches off and waits for another signal to begin again.

The Pipe Organ Doorbell. The twelve German made pipes (an octave of notes) sits on top of a small windchest.

It plays the old English tune "Oh How Lovely is the Evening" which is a round lasting about 10 seconds. It ends with a traditional "aaa -- aaa -- men" chord resolution.

Size:48" high x 23" left to right x 15" deep.

Materials used in this project: Silver, brass, leather, poplar, oak, felt.

$2400 complete with power supply and Organ Stop actuator.

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