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Programmable Sound Effects Machine

Uses:Community theaters, etc. wherever sound effects are desired.

The Cinnamon Hill Art Programmable Sound Effects Engine.

16 spring-return toggle switches can be programmed to select one out of 99 sound effects stored in its Micro SD memory card.

Programming is as simple as setting the "SOUND #", setting the "VOLUME" level, then pressing "STORE" and then pressing the assigned push switch.

Pressing that assigned push switch will now actuate the sound file.

If the volume is too loud or too low, just reset the volume level and press "STORE" once again.

Top removed showing the Programmable Sound Effects Engine innards.

The PSEE controller board labeled.


-Community Theater sound effects

-Theater Organ for “Toy Counter” sound effects

-Special events projects

-Radio Station “Button”, etc.


  1. Up to 99 stored sound effects (sound clips) can be accessed.
  2. User can remove any supplied sound effects and add additional sound effects taken from the internet, acoustical, electronic, or other sources.
  3. 16 programmable push switches to activate the sound effect.
  4. Optional addition of 16 remote inputs to actuate sound effects.
  5. The user can set the volume of each sound effect.
  6. Special effects include Fadeout, Cancel, and Manual Control.
  7. Optional additional 16 inputs for remote pushbuttons.
  8. Stereo output (RCA jacks) with individual channel volume control.
  9. Over 90 sound effects are included; hundreds more can be stored in the SD memory for future assignments.
  10. All programmed data is retained even when the unit is powered down.

Technical Specifications:

Media: SDSC and SDHC micro SD card, 1GB (1000 MB)

Number of MB used for the 90+ sound clips: 10

Remaining capacity: 990 MB

File System: FAT16 and FAT32

Playback: 192 kbps stereo

Complete installation instructions and user manual available as a pdf file

Programmable Sound Effects Engine User Manual (R2) 29 pages, 829 KB.

Typical MP3 Sound Clips for the Programmable Sound Effects Engine (Rev.3)

01 AC 100 inch Blower/ 02 ACME Siren/ 03 Ahooga Horn short/ 04 Ahooga/ 05 Applause 21 sec/ 06 Applause short/ 07 Barge Horn/ 08 Bass Drum1/ 09 Screaming Woman/ 10 MarkTree UP/ 11 MarkTree DOWN/ 12 Bicycle Bell/ 13 Bicycle Horn/ 14 Bird Singing/ 15 Birds/ 16 Boing1/ 17 Boing2/ 18 BottleBlow/ 19 Bubbles 7 sec/ 20 Bubbles 22 sec/ 21 Bugle Charge1/ 22 Bugle Charge2/ 23 Bundt Bell aluminum/ 24 Car Horn/ 25 Church Chimes down/ 26 Coffee Perk/ 27 CowMoo/ 28 Crash Cymbal Roll1/ 29 Curly Joe/ 30 Cymbal Crash Roll2/ 31 Cymbal Crash/ 32 Cymbal Hit/ 33 Cymbal Roll and Hit/ 34 Mallet Cymbal/ 35 Driveby and Crash/ 36 Factory Whistle/ 37 Fanfare/ 38 Fart/ 39 Fire Bell/ 40 Fog Horn1/ 41 Fog Horn3 Low 42 Footsteps/ 43 Glass Bell/ 44 Gong1/ 45 Gong Big 12 sec/ 46 Gong Roll/ 47 Gong2/ 48 Harp Glissando Dn Up/ 49 Horse Whinny/ 50 Klaxon Horn/ 51 Laughing Man/ 52 Lion Roar/ 53 Gong long1/ 54 Old Car Rubber Bulb Horn/ 55 Stella/ 56 Open Triangle2/ 57 Party Noisemaker/ 58 Police Whistle/ 59 RainWindThunder 33 sec/ 60 Rooster Crow/ 61 School Bell/ 62 Gong1 short/ 63 SkiddyDo/ 64 SleighBells shake/ 65 Frankly, My Dear.../ 66 Slide Whistle DOWN UP/ 67 Small Train Whistle/ 68 Snare Drum Hit/ 69 Snare Drum Roll1/ 70 Snare Drum Roll2/ 71 Steam Train and Whistle 7 sec/ 72 Cymbal strong/ 73 Tambourine Hit/ 74 Tambourine Shake/ 75 Telephone Bell, old/ 76 Thunder1/ 77 Thunderbolt/ 78 Train Bell 1x/ 79 That’s All Folks/ 80 Train Whistle1/ 81 Train Whistle 2 aluminum/ 82 Triangle Dinner Call/ 83 Tubular Chime Large C/ 84 Tubular Chime small C/ 85 Slide Whistle UP/ 86 Wind 5 sec/ 87 Zymbelstern 15 sec/ 88 Wolf Call Whistle/ 89 Wolf Whistle/ 90 Wurlitizer Snare and Bass Drum/ 91 Wurlitizer Hi Horse Hooves/ 92 Wurlitizer Low Horse Hooves/ 93 Wurlitizer Rim Shot/ 94 Wurlitizer Snare Drum Roll short/ 95 Wurlitizer Snare Roll 15 sec/ 96 Wurlitizer Snare Drum Hit/ 97 Wurlitizer Wood Block/ 98 Wurlitizer Bass Drum/ 99 Woody Woodpecker/ Bell Glissando UP long/ Bell T Glissando UP short/ Caruso “You Know the Clown”/ Electronic Shutdown/ Engine Start 5 sec/ Fog Horn 2/ Fog Horn 4 Low/ Foreign Car Horn/ Grandfather Clock Chime/ Mark Tree Down/ Open Triangle 1/ Sleigh Bells 4X/ SleighJingleBells/ Thunder 2/ Train Bell 4X/ Wind 6 sec/ Wind 20 sec/ Zymbelstern 1min30/

Cost: $449, shipping included. Limited quantity.

Do you want more information? How to pay? Availability? Options available?

Call Andy at 828 332 1174 (Updated Feb.2017).


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