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Programmable DigiTal Toy Counter™

(Sound Effects Machine)

The Programmable DigiTal Toy Counter is now available.

Uses:Theater Organ installations, Community theaters, etc. where ever sound effects are desired.

Not necessary to remove the Memory Chip. All programming of the pushbuttons is done without the use of a computer.

The 5-pushbutton LCD Control Panel showing the programming screen.

Two other screens are available for the Expanded option: LCD brightness and contrast, and the special function assignment screen.

The Basic option only has one other screen, the LCD brightness and contrast screen.

See the User Manual for an explanation of all the functions.


  1. 16 pushbuttons for 16 different "traps" sounds.
  2. Two levels of memory giving a total of 30 sound clip selections.
  3. One pushbutton can be used as a "CANCEL" if desired.
  4. Each pushbutton can be assigned to any one of 99 sound files.
  5. Over 90 MP3 sound files included with purchase.
  6. User expandable library to a total of 255 sound clips in reserve.
  7. User can download more sound files from the web or record your own and assign them to any of the pushbuttons.
  8. Sound clips can be shorter than 1 second or longer than 5 minutes. There is plenty of memory available.
  9. Easy pushbutton assignment without using your computer.
  10. Individual volume assignment for each of the 16 pushbuttons.
  11. Master volume control.
  12. LCD brightness and contrast controls.

Shown above is the complete kit for the Cinnamon Hill Art Programmable Digital Toy Counter.

The printed circuit board is mounted inside your console.

The 5-pushbutton LCD Controller unit can be mounted anywhere you like.

The 16-pushbutton console can be mounted under your music rack or under the stop tabs.

The 16 pushbutton console is only 1" wide and 1" deep x 14.5" long.

It can be mounted anywhere.

On my organ (Allen MDS317) I have it mounted under Great stop tabs.

The black buttons serve two purposes: 1) To guide you in your button selection,

and 2)Special functions, if desired, such as "CANCEL", "Fade-out", "Manual Control", and "Preset Selection" ("Expanded" option).

Here is the 39 page PDTC User Manual. You will be able to see how the unit operates and how to program it. Programming is very easy.

Click here to see the User Manual for the Cinnamon Hill Art Programmable DigiTal Toy Counter™ (Rev.4). (PDF file 1.75Mb).

Limited quantities. Call to check stock: 828 332 1174 (Updated Feb.2017), ask for Andy.

PDTC Expanded (contains special functions)

Price: $949 postpaid.

PDTC Basic (does not contain special functions - black pushbuttons remain)

Price $849 postpaid.


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