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Mood Lights and Night Lights

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Night Lights

The Night Lights use a single color LED and run on a low voltage plug-in converter, making them completely safe.

Mood Lights

The Mood Lights have a knob or other control which changes the color of the light from red to violet, including all the rainbow colors in between.

In order to control the tri-color Light Emitting Diode, a custom-designed circuit using a microcomputer chip had to be programmed. It takes about 100 lines of program to read the dial value, convert it to a number, go to a lookup table, and then to control the amount of brightness for each of the three LEDs.

This circuit was designed and programmed by Cinnamon Hill. The circuit board is professionally manufactured to our specifications.

So, if you are feeling a bit pensive, you might select a violet light. Or perhaps you feel passionate, then a deep brilliant red might do you good.

Cost to run.

These Mood and Night Lights take very little power. It was calculated that a NIGHT LIGHT with one LED (light emitting diode) will cost about 5 cents per month. A MOOD LIGHT will cost about 7 cents per month. The life of these LEDs is about 100,000 hours which comes out to be about 10 years or so.


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