Cinnamon Hill Folk Art
MIDI-Controlled Fairground Organ

This large instrument produces the fairground organ sounds heard on Merry-Go-Rounds and at fairs of yesteryear.

The instrument is MIDI-controlled which means it is digitally controlled by a small computer. The memory of the computer plays selected notes on a high quality synthesizer.

Almost all the pipe sounds (and many other sounds) are made with this synthesizer. These sounds are amplified and sent to a 200 watt multiple speaker system (seen in front with the green grill cloth).

So, this organ, unlike the ones of yesteryear, has no paper music roll, organ pipes, blower, reservoir, nor valves.

All the percussive sounds are real instruments. They are:

25-note metal bar reiterating and non-reiterating glockenspiel (behind grill)
Snare drum hit and roll
Wood block
Tambourine hit and tambourine shake

This instrument has been used here in fairs and other celebratory gatherings providing joy and fun for old and young.

Two of these grand organs have been made. They have both been sold.

One is in Tennessee and the other is in Connecticut.

Sample 'LIVE' recording of the LaTorre Midi-Controlled Fairground Organ.

Holzmann's "Blaze Away March" (1901) arranged by Andy LaTorre.

Click on the "Play Sound" to hear the recording.(2.32Mb, 2.3 minutes) Play Sound

This march was arranged by Andy LaTorre in 1996. The arrangement was inspired by the "Mammoth Fair Organ in Hi Fi" recording of the 1950's by London Records (LL1644) featuring the Hooghuys organ built in Belgium in the early 1900's. I am going to make this arrangement available to you. The MP3 file (above) was appended (cut short) but the midi file is complete and therefore runs longer in time (4:24).

I have many other arrangements and will eventually make them available on this web site.
Download the Midi file for "Blaze Away"(56KB). Blaze Away March

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