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DigiTal Toy Counter™


(Sound Effects Machine)

Uses: Theater Organ installations, Community theaters, etc. where ever sound effects are desired.

The economy model, EDTC, DigiTal Toy Counter™, Version #4, is just what you need to spice up your arrangements.

The Version #3 unit is shown mounted under the music rack of an Allen MDS-317 Theater Organ.

Note:The only difference between Version #3 and #4 is visual.

Just two cables to connect: DC power and stereo audio.


  1. 18 pushbuttons for 18 different "traps" sounds.
  2. One pushbutton can be used as a "sound cut-off" if desired.
  3. Each pushbutton can be assigned to any one of the over 90 included sound files.
  4. User expandable library to a total of 255 sound clips.
  5. User can download more sound files from the web and assign them to any of the pushbuttons.
  6. Sound clips can be shorter than 1 second or longer than 5 minutes. There is plenty of memory available.
  7. Professionally made sturdy walnut pushbutton console.
  8. Easy pushbutton assignment using your computer.
  9. Master volume control on the right side.
  10. Complete installation instructions and user manual available as a pdf file (Go to EDTC Tech Page)
  11. Can be used in either stereo or mono.
  12. Version #4 (and #3) allows the addition of 8 or 16 remote pushbutton (supplied by user) inputs using the OC-1 add-on printed circuit boards.
    Note: each OC-1 board allows 8 additional remote inputs.

YouTube demonstration of the Cinnamon Hill Art DigiTal Toy Counter™:Click Here.

Click on the "Play Sound" to hear the audio of the video. Play Sound

First Section Second Section Third Section Ending Section
Atlantic City 100" wind pressure blower, Crash Cymbal Roll, Wolf Call Whistle, Old Car Bulb Horn, Large Tubular Chime "C" Wolf Whistle with Laughing Man immediately following Klaxon Horn, Acme Siren, Police Whistle, and Wolf Whistle again Triangle Dinner Call, Long Gong
Introduction to Gualione (a young Boy) in the streets of Naples. Boy is in love with Neapolitan "Street Lady". Older boys make fun of him. Boy's Mamma tries to talk sense in him, but to no avail. Time to come home to dinner.

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