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All doorbells contain a proprietary receiver (see photo below) which detects the radio-frequency signal sent out by the actuator. This receiver then switches on the doorbell circuit.

All ringers (actuators) for the doorbells contain a proprietary transmitter circuit (see photo below) which sends a radio-frequency signal to the doorbell receiver. This circuit runs on a 9 volt battery which should last over two years and is easily replaced.

Therefore, there are no wires to and from the actuators and doorbells. Doorbells and the receiver circuit contained inside are powered by a "wall wart" plugged into a home outlet. The bells work an low voltage and are completely safe.

Cinnamon Hill Folk Art Transmitter (left) and Receiver (right) printed circuit boards.

Left:Transmitter board showing 9 volt batter connector, red antenna wire and code switch (in blue). The two LEDs indicate battery life. When the transmitter is actuated the green LED will light if the batter is good. When the battery is low then the red light will light.

Right:Receiver board showing the code switch in blue and red antenna wire. At the time the photo was taken a 9v. battery was used for testing. Normally the battery connector is replaced by a wall wart power supply connection.


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