Cinnamon Hill Folk Art
Democracy Voting Machine (Unfinished as of November '07)
How is our Democracy doing?

An inside view of the unfinished Democracy Voting Machine.
It is planned that the user will turn the crank to raise each of 14 flags. The user will read the flag and then vote YES if he/she agrees with the flag or NO if he/she disagrees with the flag.
Each of the flags has a statement based upon the research of Dr. Lawrence Britt.
The next photos will show the results of your voting and how your votes compare to all the other users of the machine. It is planned that these individual components will be mounted in a case.

After voting on the 14 flag statements, the three meters will then show the results to the voter.

The top meter shows the total number of voters using the machine.

The next meter shows the voting results for the user. Notice the use of the Homeland Security Color Code. The pointer shows a Low Risk for our democracy.

The bottom meter shows the voting results of ALL VOTERS. The pointer has not been activated.


Materials used for this project:Copy machine and old printer parts, pine, poplar,Brazilian rosewood, gears, sprockets and chain, acrylic, brass.


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