Cinnamon Hill Folk Art
The Bush Lying Machine

There is a coin slot to start the operation of the Bush Lying Machine. A note on the front says that it will cost 25 cents unless you are rich. A special frat key will operate the machine for free.

Once the machine is activated, the lying disk begins to turn and Bush's mouth opens and closes. Sounds of many sorts such as whoops as well as terrified screams are heard as the lies emerge from Bush's mouth.

It may be a little difficult for you to read the many lies because they emerge from his mouth a little too quickly to read (Just like in real life). So a way to stop the lying disk was provided. By pressing the brass knob located at the top of the box, you can halt the motion of the disk and read the lies at your pleasure. Then when you are ready to go on you just release the knob.

At the same time you press the brass knob, you will see a flag pop up exclaiming, "A better way to stop the lies is to vote Bush out of office in 2004".

While you are busy reading the lies, slowly but surely, Bush's nose grows to an obscene length. Ah, if only that would happen in real life, politicians would not lie to us so much!

After a full revolution of the lying disk, the long nose retracts and the machine shuts down.

In order to document the additional lies that Bush makes after the production of this machine, we have provided a pocket on the right side of the machine. Unfortunately this pocket was not big enough to hold the many, many subsequent lies.

Bush's nose after telling so many lies.

Size: 29" high x 18" left to right x 11" deep.

Materials used for this project:Birch plywood, poplar, brass, mechanical components such as sprockets, chains, gear motor, microswitches, relays, and sound modules from discarded toys.


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