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The mountains of North Carolina are very conducive to making art, music, and good food.
We do it all.

It may be the dark green forests, the altitude or perhaps the oxygen-filled air, but living here inspires creativity.

Cinnamon Hill Art (aka Tom and Andy) has been inspired recently to create several
whimsical, wacky folk art projects along with specialized Electronic Products such as
a Digital Toy Counter for Theater Organs, RF Transmitter and Receiver, Red-Blue-Green light-controller,
Headphone/Mixer Amplifier for electronic organs, embedded 6-channel audio mixer,
Programmable Digital Toy Counter and a Programmable Sound Effects Machine for Community Theaters.
Be sure to check out the Ubuntu Choir music.

Here are a few of our creations (CLICK on image to see all the different projects):


The sound producing device.

(Remote controlled

by the actuator)


(Pushbutton Ringers)

Ringers are remote controlled

doorbell "pushbuttons" (actuators)

made to operate our wacky doorbells.

Mood Lights

Night Lights

Adjustable color Mood lights

Steady color LED night lights


  Cinnamon   Hill  

Art Projects

Star of Bethlehem

Programmed Animated LED Light Display



Mood/Night Lights

Other Art Projects

Star of Bethlehem



World Music Choir

Franklin, North Carolina, USA
Mr. Tom Tyre, Director

Cinnamon Hill

Gallery Experiences

DigiTal Toy Counter™
(Sound Effects Device
for Theater Organs)

Headphone Mixer/Amplifier Rev6
6-channel mixer to 2-channel stereo output
NEW! On-board muting. Easier to install.
Works on all organs using RCA plugs and jacks

Audio Mixer
3-Channel Stereo/Expander

DigiTal Toy Counter™

Now available! Limited quantities.

Programmable Sound Effects Engine™
for Community Theaters

Now available! Limited quantities.

Tom Tyre (red shirt)Conducting the

Ubuntu Choir

In the Rotunda of the
Raybun Gap Nacoochee School,

Gallery Experiences

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Email: italiano34@hotmail.com.xyz

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Updated June 1, 2015

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